Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dysfunction Flourishes On CraigsList

I can't conceive how all of the idiots and perverts in society found their dysfunctional relationships before the introduction of CraigsList. Did they have to go to some sort of carnival convention or something?

I see absolutely no downsides to this!

I think this guy has a few issues that just finding his missed connection won't solve.

CraigsList: There's a reason why it's free.

How can you not find an entire day?

Nothing proclaims your love like the desire to get inside a woman's body cavity.

Someone alert Chris Hansen.

A part of me thinks this is a joke post, but a larger part of me doesn't want to shatter all my hopes and dreams by accepting that possibility.

Rip your what? Rip your shirt off? Rip your DVD? Rip your vaginal wall? DON'T LEAVE US IN SUSPENSE!!

"Women named Timothy on CraigsList" just made my list of things to be leery of.

Rudy offers high standards and no apologies.

Good luck with your inspirational book about transsexuals.


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