Friday, September 07, 2007

Comic Strip Dump #2

Considering that I got absolutely no feedback on the first ever Comic Strip Dump last month, I'm going to consider it an outstanding success until proven otherwise.

I don't think it quite
works the other way.

A Softer World
One more use for a
baby. If only it were that convenient.

I think the
funny voice would be awesome.

Chopping Block wins the award for cleverest comic this month.

The top-rated game show in Hell.

Could it be? Could
Criss Angel be a fraud?

Hands-down the
baddest mower on the block. I want one.

Even psychotic killers need to remember their

Even the most brutal of homicidal maniacs is
no match.

Butch gets in touch with his
feminine side.

Get Fuzzy
Satchel is a
hero. And what is going on in the first panel?

Bucky is
ever vigilant.

How does a band
split up when it's just a solo act?

Least I Could Do
Transformers and you get my vote.

XKCD gets runner-up cleverest comic of the month.
Some people are just not good with

Never send
two nerds out shopping together.

I think this may be my new
favorite comic strip ever.

I've been known to suffer from
insomnia too.

Great, now he'll have to file a
second claim!

Perry Bible Fellowship
I wonder if something like
this ever happened?


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