Friday, August 10, 2007

Video Dump #9

Since last month I posted a couple fireworks videos, I figured I'd continue the festivities with a few other videos of "fireworks." First, a 345KV air switch opening hot:

Then a 500KV switch:

Finally, an entire substation exploding:

Since last month saw the premiers of several important summer blockbusters, here is a video to celebrate each. First, Die Hard reimagined as a 1924 silent film:

Second, an obvious pun that could no longer be ignored, "Welcome Back, Potter":

Third, "Heavy Metal Fight," a remake of the Transformers episode "Heavy Metal War" from the same guy who brought us the "S.O.S. Wheeljack" video I posted a
few months back:

And just for the hell of it, Patrick Stewart talks about a movie idea he's been kicking around. I've had this one for a while; I can't believe I never posted it before now. It's Patrick Stewart like you never expected to see him:


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