Thursday, August 23, 2007

One More Tale Of Urban Stupidity

Guy comes up to my other register and asks for something. I ring it, then he goes to the other register, which is closed, to pay. He and I are the only two people in the store. I'm standing at the open register staring at him at the closed register, staring directly at the sign that reads "This register is closed." Then he looks at me expectantly. I tell him, "You've got to come to the register that's open."

He comes over to me to pay, saying, "There's no reason to be a smartass."

Excuse me, what? I have every reason to be a smartass. You have absolutely no excuse to be a dumbass.

That's what I wanted to say and what I probably should have said. However, seeking a less confrontational and diplomatic approach, I went with something less offensive, which was probably just as damaging. "I wasn't trying to insult you, I was just trying to bring some levity to the situation."

I could picture him going out to his friend in the car and complaining that, "He said he was trying to bring some levity to the situation. What the fuck is that? I think that son of a bitch just called me a levity!"

It's imagined scenarios like this that keeps me from going entirely insane because humanity is full of idiots. It's easier to just make fun of them than let them frustrate me.


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