Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fan Reviews Of Transformers, Part 4

Since Least I Could Do made a comic strip about the Transformers movie, I guess I'll do one more post making fun of fan reviews to finish out the incredibly long thread I found, but I should warn you, the focus of the thread shifted about midway through from people who loved the movie outright to people who started to realize what a bad movie it actually was, so the comments might not be quite as scathing as previous posts. However, I added a few more than the normal ten because I intend for this to be the last post I make on the subject.

It said, "No huggee an' no kissee until I get a weddin' ring!"

Hehe jk. . . It will have Ewoks.

Let's see, vapid story with underdeveloped characters? I know, we'll call it "Go-Bots"!

I'm really nitpicking to ask that the main characters that the movie is named after be given adequate screen time.

You were glad he was in the movie so he could say two lines and die brutally within five seconds of action? What's wrong with you?

In fact, I think the Academy officially rates it: 1) Casablanca, 2) Gone With The Wind, 3) Transformers.

This guy needs to work on not omitting important letters from words. It's fortunate that the movie made him less of a "septic," because I think that would stink.

It's probably for the better. I can fully understand how fisting might draw one's attention away from the movie.

Saying that this was really good for a bad movie is like bragging about being the valedictorian of summer school.*

I have no idea what you're talking about, but now I'm picturing the Peanuts gang making melodramatic speeches during an orgy underneath He-Man and Skeletor at a table playing chess. So thanks for that mental image.

Best Buy didn't pay enough to have their logo advertised in the movie, apparently.

Megatron, will your villainy know no bounds?!

You do realize that anything with the domain name "theonion" is parody, right? It's actually good that you laughed because that was the intention of the article. The Onion's been around longer than the modern Internet. How can anyone not know that The Onion is fake news?

[* I lifted this line from Dennis Miller; I've always found it to be a relevant analogy, and I tend to use it in everyday conversation. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.]


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