Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fan Reviews Of Transformers, Part 3

He's an expert on all the fans of Transformers. He knows everything there is to know about every fan from "Abominus_Prime" to "Zumotron."

I enjoy imperfect movies.

"We Want Character Development!!!! We Want Character Development!!!! We Want Character Development!!!!"

That's because you're a girl. To the male fan, female fans are a highly desirable, rare commodity. If you were a guy and wore a costume to a movie, you would have gotten laughed at or beat up.

Your daughter couldn't watch it because she was still in the womb. She was probably moving the whole time because the yelling and explosions gave her chronic neurosis.

But then again, so was Jazz's life.

Gotta watch out for those deadly buttons. . .

Nitpicking this while it's playing would like arguing over proper thrusting techniques while being raped in the ass!!!

People, people, people! We're all acting like children over a toy movie!

Data was a dynamic character beloved by fans the world over. Die-hard Transformers fans barely even cared when Jazz died because he had all of two lines in the entire movie.

np: King Crimson - "Improv: Blastic Rhino"


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