Thursday, July 12, 2007

Video Dump #8

Since the Fourth of July was last week, I decided I should do something festive, so here you go:

More fireworks:

Now some music. Jessica, make sure Jeff sees this. For some reason I think he'll enjoy it:

This is possibly the coolest music dub ever. The dancing is absolutely perfect for the music:

More fun with Charlie Brown with a different song:

Now on to the Fraggles. They may get knocked down, but they do get up again:

Wait, that dub could have been better. How about this one:

This is impressive just from a special effects standpoint. The electronica update sucks, but the dancing is cool:

Here is a dub of Agent Smith "Singing In The Rain" from Matrix Revolutions with the above VW Golf commercial badly dubbed in at the end. It was classic until the guy ruined it with that, so it only gets honorable mention and not a full spot.

Finally, a trailer for Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, with MORE PIRATES!!

Can't beat that with a stick of dynamite.


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