Sunday, July 08, 2007

Internet Argument!

Why does it tend to seem like even the smartest person in the world will lose an argument with a fool who is passionately stubborn about it? This week, my blatant SomethingAwful rip-off of documenting Internet stupidity is going to feature prominently myself in an adventure in futility with some LiveJournal user named "Natsukigirl" when one of my posts was Metaquoted. This is NOT an invitation for anyone to harass the poor girl. I'm not reposting it here to gloat or claim victimization. I'm reposting it here for the same reason I repost anything else I find on the Internet, because it was laughable in its stupidity and I believe it needs to be preserved for posterity. I even gave it the distance of several weeks to further remove it from the actual incident.

This is the section of
my post that appeared in Metaquotes, which eventually got the ball rolling:

This was my introduction to my wonderful new play thing:

I stopped looking at the Metaquotes page about five minutes after it appeared there. I would have never seen this bold accusation had someone not pointed it out to me. This was my initial response, simply asking for proof since she claimed to be "100% sure" there was a YouTube video of the "exact spiel." Generally when someone refuses to offer proof of an accusation when you ask for it, it means they're full of shit.

Someone else came to her rescue citing a "routine" by Dane Cook which I had heard but I consider it far less of a "routine" than merely a comment. Only about three words total were shared between my post and Dane Cook's "routine," which I hardly consider to be "this exact spiel." Because, you know, you'd better not ever say more than two words on a topic that have been said by anyone else on the topic. Better start making up some new words.

"Natsukigirl" responded to my comment above asking for proof citing someone else's Dane Cook claim which I'd already refuted. Not only is she lazy, but she's stupid about it. Since I'm neither stupid nor lazy, I did a quick Google search and pasted the Dane Cook "routine" in its entirety for compare / contrast purposes. I figured that, although a bit long-winded which if you know me is natural, my response was still polite and respectful.

Okay, anyone who's seen me in a debate with people on the Internet know that I love to have intelligent debate even if we disagree, as long as it's respectful. As soon as the other person disrespects me, the gloves come off. You can generally tell an idiot on the Internet because they resort to petty insults when they realize they don't have a leg to stand on, and pointing out their every fault amuses the hell out of me.

This is the response I got:

Obviously she cared a little, or she wouldn't have pointed it out in the first place. Otherwise she likely just thrives on creating LiveJournal drama, which is a much more likely case. How did she really expect someone to react when being accused of plagiarism? Of course, before I got that response I started feeling bad about the harshness of my response and posted a retraction. Before I saw her response, I still wanted to keep the debate civil.

I like to know who I'm arguing with, so I checked out her LiveJournal and in the profile it said that "ignorance and petty / catty behavior disgusts" her, so I did want to politely point out that she was acting in a way that disgusted her so that maybe she would curb her behavior. Instead she ignorantly denied it like a true mature adult.

"Our positions have been made clear enough to the discerning reader." Take that to mean I have been almost nothing but polite to you despite your accusation, and you've been nothing but a complete menstrual bitch to me for no reason. Note that this is the first time I asked her to let the conversation drop before we embarrass ourselves further, not counting when I said "We have nothing more to say to each other."

This is the response I get. Nowhere in my response did I explode or have a "hissy fit." If she'd bothered to read it, she'd have seen that. You know what most people call commenting on something you refuse to read? Ignorance.

. . . What? That tears it! Also note, this is the second time I ask her to let it drop before she embarrasses herself further.

That wasn't even as insulting as I could have been, and even that required a period of reflection and a second opinion to post. I actually kind of felt sorry for this girl because she was oblivious to how badly she was going down in flames. Three years ago, I would have torn her up and left her for dead, but now I found myself having second thoughts about posting that. It sucks having a conscience.

I do realize I'm arguing with a girl whose LiveJournal is primarily dedicated to her Pokémon statistics. The Internet equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" is not the hallmark of maturity, neither is refusing to read anything ever, otherwise she would realize what a fool she's making of herself.

By this point, I'm beyond helping her, beyond getting bored with her, and am primarily just tired of having my movie interrupted every ten minutes or so to respond to her ignorant little petty replies.

When I say "pointing out your logical flaws," it wasn't because you were arguing, it's because you are one, big logical flaw.

You have too been arguing. My position was that you are one, big immature twatwad, and your position was that you don't care that you are.

JESUS FUCK!! What is it going to take to get rid of this retard?!

FINALLY. Apparently she was just doing it solely for the attention. You know when above I said that no one won this battle? I was being polite. Mark a notch in my bedpost.


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