Monday, July 02, 2007

Famous Primes Through History

The Autobots have followed a long succession of Primes chosen specifically by the Matrix and the Autobot Council to lead them in battle with the Decepticons. Of course we all know of the most famous Prime, Optimus Prime, and his successor Rodimus Prime. Some of you may have heard of his predecessor, Sentinel Prime, but not much has been said of the many Primes who have filled in the gaps before or after those three Primes. Here is a small sampling of the many Primes who have led the Autobots to victory over the course of Cybertron's millions of years of rich history.

- Abominus Prime
- Au Jus Prime
- Autistic Prime
- Betamax Prime
- Blue Screen Of Prime
- Boinky Prime
- Bruce Prime
- Colostomus Prime
- Communist Prime
- Corky Prime
- Dance Remix Prime
- Egregious Prime
- Emo Prime
- George W. Prime
- Grandmaster Prime
- Gregarious Prime
- Makeshift Prime
- Megaprime
- Negative Prime
- Obsessive-Compulsive Prime
- Octopus Prime
- Olaf Prime
- Olfactory Prime
- One-eyed One-horned Flyin' Purple People Eater Prime
- Onomatopoeia Prime
- Optimist Prime
- Optimus Preen
- Optometrist Prime
- Orlando Prime
- Ornery Prime
- Paramount Prime
- Penultimate Prime
- Pepsi Prime
- Pretty, Pretty Prime
- Primety Prime
- Really Prime
- Really, Really Prime
- Sorta Prime
- Tinky-Winky Prime
- Yosemite Prime


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