Sunday, June 17, 2007

YouFail At YouTube

You'd think that a world where communication depended directly upon the ability to convey a message clearly in written form, the average person's writing skills would improve, not degenerate. However one look at the comments left on YouTube and we can see that we're not dealing with humanity's next great laureates either.

You're on the Internet. Google is a click away. There's absolutely no excuse to be this stupid.

The thing about jumping on that "first comment" claim is that ten of them is a bit overkill. You might want to check and see if anyone commented already.

Someone takes their YouTube experience way too seriously.

"Cola19" takes us all the way back to third grade.

Apparently you can't like heavy metal and be literate at the same time. "mikem1959" probably lost all his faith in humanity after this comment thread, especially considering he posted the band name and song title in the video's description.

SimTune" is desperate.


I would so subscribe to that.

No one wants to hear that shit.

But how else will you know if it's really true and not just making you look like a big, gullible fool?


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