Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Unfortunate Grammatical Errors

I've finally collected a few more unfortunate grammatical errors from various bad forum posts, dating site profiles, and short stories around the Internet. Not too many, making for a short post this week, but it's difficult to be lucky enough to at the same time happen across the right posting and be in the right frame of mind to catch the errors. It's still amusing to me when I do, even though it totally throws off the effectiveness of the writing.

"She knew things would always be different now, and to her different was defiantly going to be a good thing!"
It will be a good thing dammit, or die trying!

"I'm very more aggesive to read that."
. . .

"My Dad's friend was pestering him to pay what he owed, and My Dad seemed to be procrastination."
That's right. He wasn't just procrastinating, he embodied procrastination.

"Mary wakes up during the night to pee and meets John's father in the hall on the way to the bathroom, who was staying overnight to help with the sick children."
It was very nice of the bathroom to volunteer to spend the night in their house.

"Tom met Nikki's Mom two years ago and got married to him two years ago."
Not only is this sentence the epitome of redundancy, but it's also the epitome of redundancy. Also: I think there's something about Nikki's mom the author isn't telling us...

"She went through the pain of delivering herself, and they don't think that's love?"
That would make one hell of a time-travelling incest porn story that, quite frankly, I would love to read.

"My name is Lara to start out."
But I'll change it as time goes on, so pay attention.


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