Monday, June 04, 2007

The Fear Of Racism

Whether it's a remarkably ignorant person forming beliefs from an archaic ideology about 200 years outdated with no basis in reality, or a minority using the public's fear of it to obtain something they shouldn't to fulfill a demanding false sense of entitlement, one thing I can't stand is racism in any form.

A few days ago, I was trying to get out of a small parking lot. On one side of me was a building and on the other side was a parked car. Essentially I had about a lane and a half to squeeze through, but I couldn't go anywhere because standing in the diametric center of the lane were two men, who happened to be black, holding a conversation as if they weren't facing the imminent threat of a car hitting them. They saw me, acknowledged my presence, and in a gesture of grand benevolence, they kept on talking while I burned gasoline at $3.39 per gallon to go nowhere. Of course they did. They were black, I was white; what could I do without it turning into a racial incident? I couldn't so much as try to slide by them without being the white guy accused of trying to run over the black guys with my car, despite the fact that cars belong on the street and people don't! They had me by the balls and they knew it. If I were black, they would have to move because the power wouldn't then be balanced so much in their favor.

Because of racism I can't just state a simple observation that if someone is going to be conversing in or walking down the middle of a street and playing chicken with oncoming traffic, more often than not it's going to be a black person. Now, bear in mind that I'm not saying that only black people do this. I see a fair share of white people. I'm also not saying that all black people do this; just the really stupid ones. The white people who do this are just as stupid, and the black people who don't are just as smart. It's just an observation, ut for some reason, when skin tone is mentioned it automatically becomes a racist remark.

If a black person is walking down the middle of the street in some sort of blind defiance of the dangers of oncoming traffic and a white person accidentally hits the black person, it's a hate crime. If it were a black person driving, then it's that the person in the middle of the street is a fucking idiot. If we take the skin color out of the scenario, then we see that anybody who walks down the middle of a street and doesn't move when a car comes is just a damn fool who deserves to get hit by a car. Use the fucking sidewalk. That's what it's for.

Why can't I just come out and say, "Black people: Use the fucking sidewalks"? I mean, I'm not even hurting your race by demanding this. If anything, I'm trying to help you. If more often than not, people see any group of people walking down the center of the street, they're going to start thinking, "My God are these people stupid!" Then they'll naturally progress to believing that all people of that particular demographic are stupid. I know that the average black person isn't any more or less stupid than the average white person, but when bigoted people have already formed opinions about your race, it might help you out to not reinforce those opinions as often as possible. I want to make a bold statement that will, in the long run, prevent people from thinking this way and possibly save some lives, but I can't because apparently trying to get a certain demographic within a race to think for themselves for the greater good of their race as a whole, which they claim to love, is me being racist.

I'm tired of racism. I'm tired of the threat of being accused of racism whenever a minority doesn't get exactly their way due to a law or company policy that affects everyone equally. I'm tired of having to find ways to prove I'm not racist, which you can generally only do if you have friends who are minorities, but if you seek out friends in minority groups just to prove you're not racist, you're fucking being racist. I have had, at various times, friends from minority groups. However, over ten years of constant moving around between myself or them, I've since lost contact. I don't have very many actual true friends anyway, because it's difficult for me to find people I trust enough to feel comfortable around. If I do find these people, it honestly does not matter to me what color they are, but I don't actively seek out friends; people seem to naturally gravitate to me because I treat people with courtesy and respect and most people tend to appreciate that. Why should I make myself uncomfortable by doing something against my nature just to make sure I have minority friends in my back pocket just in case my openmindedness comes into question? I shouldn't, and quite frankly, I think it's a bit racist to be expected to do so.

That's the problem with Affirmative Action. It ensures the great racial divide never goes away by forcing it on our lives. As long as "zero-tolerance, zero-investigation" policies are still in effect in various companies minorities will know they have a foolproof way of getting their way when their own merit is not quite enough. It also reinforces the idea in the minds of the lazy of various minorities that they don't have to try nearly as hard because they were already born with an automatic preference over those people in their own group and others who do work hard. It actually makes companies more wary to hire minorities because they know that once hired, if the person turns out to not be worthwhile on their own merit, it's almost impossible to fire them. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that nobody of a minority is worth hiring. There was a black girl named Jackie where I work, who left for a better job, who had a strong work ethic and we got along very well, but there have been others who knew they could skate by with minimal effort without so much as being written up because they knew they were holding a full deck of race cards. That is the type of attitude that I hate Affirmative Action for reinforcing. I don't care what race you are; you should be judged by your merit not by your skin color.

Of course, I know that honest and true racism still exists in today's society, and Affirmative Action has gone quite a way to give honest and hardworking minorities a chance they might not otherwise have. However, like any system, there will always be the lazy who will put more effort into finding ways to take advantage of the system than into actually bettering themselves. It can't just be eliminated, but there should be better failsafes put into the system to ensure these people can't take advantage of it. I would love to one day see the utopian vision of having racism abolished in society, but it's an unfortunate trait of human nature to destroy anything that's different, and the lesser mentally developed people are generally the ones to give into that trait. I equate racists with kindergarteners who pick on the kid with glasses or say "Girls are icky!" simply because they didn't come out of the same tube in the assembly line.

What I'm really sick of is the fear of racism that's put upon all the people who honestly aren't racist. I understand that some people still are truly racist, but the ones who aren't shouldn't have to go out of their way to prove that they aren't, possibly by toeing the reverse-racism line. I'm not racist. If anything I'd best be classified as elitist because I view all races and genders equally and instead judge them by the levels of intelligence and consideration they display. I tend to gravitate to the more intelligent and considerate people and leave the stupid ones to destroy themselves. Yet the humanitarian side of my sympathy demands that I sometimes shout at the crushing tide to try to enlighten these people to better themselves, although I'm fully aware the folly of my plight. To which end: Stand on the sidewalk, not the middle of the street. That's what the sidwalk is there for. If you're in the middle of the street, people are going to assume you're a fucking idiot.


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