Saturday, May 05, 2007

Video Dump #6

It seems anymore that if I do a Quote Roundoup, a Video Dump is to be expected just around the corner, and due to a maddening lack of inspiration brought about by too much ridiculously unnecessary pressure from external sources, this week will be no exception.

A little bit ago, I
reviewed Pain of Salvation's "Ashes." The other day on YouTube, I found the video for it. It's visually as foreboding as the song itself, except that Daniel Gildenlöw looks way too much like a nice guy to be as scary as he's trying to be in it.

I was directed to a couple of videos about cats born with two faces. In the first one the news anchor states that veterinarians don't understand why, which leads me to believe that they need to consult some veterinarians who know at least some basics about animal genetics because it's not that hard to figure out. I mean, conjoined twins are nothing new in humans, and given the pregnancy rate of the average cat, it's highly more likely to occur.

I have to link to this second one about an adult cat because it doesn't come from YouTube and therefore doesn't have an embed feature:
Cat With Two Heads

With a new Fantastic Four movie inexpliccably around the bend, I figured I would post this discovered trailer for a proposed movie previously shelved and never released due to the fact that it sucked. This serves as a reminder of everything the actually released Fantastic Four movie could have been, which doesn't make it look quite so bad in comparison:

Continuing with motion picture exploitation, Quinten Tarantino dissects the gay in Top Gun, complete with visual aids:

I found a decent parody of Bush. The guy doesn't really look like Bush, but he has the voice and characteristics down perfectly, even if it is just an advertisement for a website that, when I went to it, rarely worked. Best line: "I do not endorse these videos. I condone them."

These next two videos are absolutely not politically correct. In fact, they're offensive. But despite the fact that they're rife with stereotypical clichés, they manage to be funny in some places. I present to you "Blind Cops":

And "Blind Cops, Part 2":

And finally, from the same team that brought us "Blind Cops," we have "How Smart is the Average Person?" Answer: "Sears just got bought out by K-Mart." Not quite as funny as Jay Leno's similar segment that puts the exposure of lack of intelligence primarily in the hands of the individual, these guys kind of press for their responses.


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