Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Loser Of The Week: Jerry Falwell

Just when I fear I might have nothing to write about, fate delivers unto me the death of yet another influential figure to pay homage to in the celebration of their life I like to call "Loser of the Week." This time the leader in question is none other than Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority movement and godfather of the Religious Right.

Despite his many accomplishments within his life, even the most devoted press agents are having a hard time commemorating his life at the event of his passing. Keep in mind that the press is full of people who love to adulate even the most reprehensible people upon word of their passing. The press boasted the accomplishments of rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard and former President Richard Nixon. They even offered condolesnces to those who survived Ted Bundy at the time of his unexpected passing, commemorated Saddam Hussein, and they sucked on Anna Nicole Smith's necrotic teat for upwards of two weeks following her death. If George W. Bush were to die tomorrow, the press would make certain he would go down in history as a great and noble war president. These are people who would probably have paid an homage to Hitler had the media been so exploitive in 1945. So that they can barely get a good word in edgewise without pointing out all the errors in judgment made by the odious little dickbag is fairly telling of his own legacy.

Hailing originally from — I shit you not — Lynchburg, Virginia, Jerry Falwell has stood as a pillar of everything that's wrong with fundamentalist Christianity. Whether it be pointing out the perceived sexual preference of an adrogynous character on a television show created for toddlers or blaming September 11th on feminists and fags, leave it to Jerry Falwell to make a mockery of everything Christianity should be. After basing his church upon the cornerstone of a hatred for homosexuality and women, he played a part in reshaping Christian morals and attitudes in a way God would never condone. In the Eighties, he succeeded in fully integrating a dominant religion with politics to transform two separate volatile issues into one big, huge, extremely volatile issue. Politics and religion don't go together as well as peanut butter and chocolate as much as they do styrofoam and gasoline.

In my mind, Jerry Falwell exemplified every characteristic of a bad Christian. He didn't stand for tolerance or forgiveness or peace. He preached nothing but ignorance, prejudice, and hatred. He may have honestly believed he was doing the right thing, but he led the nation down a dark path of fear, violence, mistrust, and righteous self-indulgence. God told us that we were not to participate in deviant lifestyles, but He never wanted us to judge those who do to the point of ostracizing or executing them. It is God's duty to judge them, not ours. Jerry Falwell not only openly condemned them but spread a message of hatred so strong that it convinced a nation of less enlightened people to believe that it was okay to hurt or kill a person just for being different. If homosexuals are truly this century's blacks, the Jerry Falwell is one man who played a major part in making this so. Jerry Falwell is part of the reason gay children are disowned by their bigoted parents. His preachings have led to nothing but unnecessary heartache and hatred over things that people simply cannot help.

Asking if I'm sorry that Jerry Falwell had to die is like asking me if I'm sorry he can no longer spread his message of hatred and unenlightenment. It might be more sad, (or possibly more funny), if he'd been murdered by anything else but the cold hand of his own indulgence, or possibly God stepping in to stop making Him look bad, or the devil reclaiming his property after it had obviously outlasted its prime. Alas my only regret is that he couldn't somehow find a way to take Pat Robertson and James Dobson with him in some sort of freak coronary accident, possibly involving a ouija board.

I hope he's not too disappointed when the pearly gates of Heaven of which he'd dreamt for so long turn out to be the fiery pits of Hell. Something more of a resigned sigh would be appropriate. Good night, sweet bigot.


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