Friday, May 25, 2007

Horse Compatibility

Congratulations, you're a Horse. You are enthusiastic and driven with an affinity for greatness. You work hard and play hard. You enjoy running through open, green pastures and eating sweets. You are somewhat easily spooked, despite your size and power, and your greatest fear is breaking a leg and being turned into glue. Here is how you rate in compatibility with the various other signs:

Horse and Rat:
Although both are energetic and creative, the Horse can generally not even see the Rat from its height, which makes the Rat feel neglected. Strong animosities; highly incompatible.

Horse and Ox:
The Ox likes to stand around and graze. The Horse likes to run around and eat sugar cubes. They can cohabitate, as long as neither has anything to do with each other.

Horse and Tiger:
Both energetic and tenacious signs, they are highly successful together, despite the Tiger's tendency to kill and eat the Horse. Those born in the year of the Gazelle should avoid the Tiger all together.

Horse and Rabbit:
Do not have much in common. Cannot see eye-to-eye.

Horse and Dragon:
Mutual respect, but clashes for dominance since they both share a desire for grandeur.

Horse and Snake:
The Horse will be spooked by the Snake and trample it to death. The Horse should also avoid those born in the Year of the Stick.

Horse and Horse:
Have a lot in common because they're the same fucking thing.

Horse and Sheep:
Mutual enthusiasm in common interests, like running through open fields. Very strong compatibility.

Horse and Monkey:
May cooperate to achieve common goals, like making a comedic movie where a monkey rides a horse. Otherwise, neither really understand each other. The Monkey will want to climb on the Horse, and the Horse will want the Monkey to stop fucking with it.

Horse and Rooster:
Can get along as long as they don't have constant exposure to each other. The Rooster has a job to do, and come on, who really likes being woken up immediately at sunrise?

Horse and Dog:
Very compatible unions. High levels of trust. The Dog has never herded the Horse wrong.

Horse and Boar:
Some areas of mutual interest, like eating apples or sugar cubes. Otherwise no strong attraction, but no strong clashes either.


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