Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cutting Troop Pay To Fund War Effort

Air Force Might Cut Pay for Surge

And so it begins. Just when I think I'm not going to write another article about Bush's incompetence, it just sinks to an astounding new level that I can't ignore. Bush has called Congress' bluff. As I pointed out earlier, Congress is following the will of the majority of American citizens by calling for a withdrawal from a war that the American people, the Iraqi people, the entire world community, everyone outside of Bush and his circle of associates, do not want before it turns into another Vietnam stalemate for nearly twenty years. Bush is the one stubbornly determined to roast marshmallows while Rome burns, and unfortunately for everyone involved, he's still blind to the havoc he's continuing to wreak to the images of his political party and America in general.

The other day, I saw him on the news talking about how early withdrawals would demoralize the Iraqis and weaken America's resolve in the face of the world community. Apparently the morale of the Iraqis is more important to Bush than that of the American troops fighting for them, because how willing to fight are the American troops going to be once they start getting their pay and benefits cut due largely to one man's incompetent leadership? Iraq is Bush's war. It's his legacy. He was determined to start it before he even got into office, all he needed was the right catalyst to get the public behind it. He misled the American people and an overwhelmingly Republican Congress into approving it, despite not being able to convince the world community, at the expense of the reputation of several highly-respected officials and intelligence agencies.

Even now, true to fashion, Bush is clinging to his most monumental political blunder, hoping that somehow everything will turn out right because, quite frankly, it's going to be his greatest legacy since it was pretty much his primary reason to run for office. The only difference is that now it's hurting the very people he's using as pawns to carry out his ill-fated agenda. We have to face facts, here. Bush is equivalent to a criminal. The war was a mistake. It's costing us billions of dollars that could be put to better use paying public officials better, or at all in some cases, social programs, environmental programs, or getting our goddamned oil prices down.

I hate to sound redundant by echoing the wishes of the uneducated masses, mainly because I know it wouldn't make a scratch of difference in the long-run, but maybe we should cut Congress' and the President's pay until they can get over their political differences and actually pay the troops. Sorry, but I grew up in the working world with a philosophy that if the boss can't afford to pay the workers, the boss should suffer right along with them. It's easy for people to hold people's paychecks over their heads in a political showdown that has nothing to do with those it affects when you're still getting paid. "Let them eat cake," she said. "And not just Wal-Mart sheet cake. I'm talking that really good cake, like from an actual bakery. Let them eat that."

Probably the most tragic thing about it is that these same troops who will be facing not getting paid will still have to pay their bills, and it's very likely that their superiors will not take, "But I didn't get paid" as an excuse. Nor will they take as an excuse, "But I didn't get paid and I've been in the fucking desert for the past two years!!" So while they're fighting a war tens of thousands of miles from home, their families could be on the street dying while they're being punished for not paying bills with money they're not getting to do their jobs. This war is quickly turning from a joke to a tragedy to a travesty. We don't have the people to fight it or the money to fund it. I have a relative deployed to Iraq for two years, if God-willing, he makes it that long, and in two years' time he's going to only get fourteen days to come home to see his family. Yet no one can figure out why so many of our troops are going psycho and raping civilian children in the country. We treat criminals with more compassion.

Our forces are stretched too far already. Our budget is stretched well past the limit. Bush is already looking to start a war with Iran, while two other ground wars are going on, with about as solid of evidence as he'd presented for Iraq. It's a good thing he's almost out of office and his self-entitled abuses of the power he doesn't have left are going to be kept in check until he is. I can only hope that the next President is a competent one, because he will have his work cut out for him.

np: Pain of Salvation - "Idiocracy"


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