Monday, May 28, 2007

Choose Your Advertising Campaigns Wisely

Corporations need to keep in mind an important factor when they're devising their marketing and advertising strategies. As a consumer, I am basing how I want to spend my money directly on your advertising campaign. Therefore, the more invasive into my life your advertising is, the more likely I will be to remember your name when I find myself in the need of your particular product or service, and the less I am brought to loathe and despire your name, the more likely I will be to offer you my money.

Basically, the louder, flashier, and ultimately more annoying your advertising is, the less likely I am going to be to use your product. If you shout at me at twice the normal volume during a television commercial break, I'm not going to give you my money. If you create a Flash ad that pops up in the middle of a webpage I'm trying to read and doesn't go away no matter what I do, I'm not going to visit your website. Or your store. Or use your product. It is eliminated from my list of options. You will not be forgiven lightly.

The best way for you to ensure that I will want to use your product or service is to be as subtle as possible. Do not invade my life with screaming, flashing advertisements. If you're a clothing store, a car dealership, a burger joint, there's a good chance I already know what you sell. If you're running a sale, simply put up a sign. Just tell me about it. Don't shout at me. Don't cover up a webpage I'm trying to read with it. Don't send me email or junk mail that will never, ever be opened. Don't come into my house and hold a semi-automatic rifle to my head. Just state your case. A newspaper ad or an annoucement on your marquee would suffice. If it's a good deal, I'll go for it if I need whatever it is you're selling. If I don't go for it, then I obviously don't need it anyway, and no amount of jumping up and down to get my attention is going to make me spend my money on something I don't need.

If I'm annoyed by your ad, however, it just guarantees that your store is a place I will never visit, and my money is something you will never have. So choose your advertising campaigns wisely.


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