Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Don Imus Should Have Been Fired

I'd considered giving this Don Imus situation all the attention I feel it deserves, which is nothing, but what kind of pseudo-political blogger would I be if I didn't at least just once acknowledge the existence of a major news story that's swept the nation by storm? So today, I'm officially acknowledging the existence of Don Imus, whom before this recent controversy I didn't know existed. Even in light of the recent controversy, I can safely say that I still dont' care much about his existence.

I will say one thing, however. I have researched this story as thoroughly as laziness will allow and I have come to the decision that, yes Don Imus deserves to be fired. Does he deserve to be fired because he decided to spout vaguely racial ephitets at some hypersensitive college girls? No. If their self-esteem is so low that they can honestly be "permanently scarred," as one of the girls
claimed, by the impersonal remarks of some bigoted shock jock radio commentator, then they are destined to fail at life because it only gets harder the longer you live. Does he deserve to be fired because someone finally called him on his prejudiced bullshit and stirred up enough attention that sponsors started pulling out of his show? It's a good reason because in the language of business, money speaks the most poignant statments, but no, it's not the reason I believe he should be fired. I believe Don Imus deserves to be fired because he is just really bad at his job.

I say this not because he's not insulting. He's plenty insulting. He's actually so ridiculously insulting that he's not insulting at all. He's not shocking. He's ignorant, and anyone who is mindless enough to even be insulted by him, let alone shocked, pretty much deserves whatever they get. I'm not saying he's harmless. There are enough people in the world that accept and promote blind prejudice that anyone who attempts to spread it is a threat to intelligent society. I'm just saying he's not shocking, he's banal, and he's not insulting, he's stupid.

I know I make a lot of shocking and insulting statements in my writing too, but maybe it's my own conceited self-interest talking, but I see a big difference between the nature of my barbs and the nature of his. My criticisms, no matter how destructive on the surface, are actually constructive, because I'm trying to tough-love people into realizing how stupid, selfish, and / or uncivilized they are behaving so they can discontinue trends that only affect them negatively. Don Imus' criticisms lack that constructive quality. He simply targets a particular demographic and berates characteristics that they have no control over.

Sorry, but unfortunately for you, you don't get off that easily with me. Being insulted is not your birthright. I'm not going to insult you because of your race, your gender, your sexual preference, your religion, your nationality, or anything else that you were born with that you can't help. If you want to be insulted by me, you have to do or say something to earn my derision. I insult people for their improper beliefs, attitudes and intentions, not their physical attributes. Ignorant prejudism and baseless hate are the comedic tools of the lazy and the weapons of the stupid. So whether Don Imus is lazy or stupid, he's bad at his job, so he deserves to be fired. The rest of us will hold to our standards.

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