Sunday, April 01, 2007

While You Were Out 2: More While You Were Out

As much as some people may wish that Yahoo! Messenger would automatically block any unsolicited messages that contain "hotmail" as part of the email address, I'm glad they don't because on days like today, when I don't feel like writing anything else, spambot away messages can make a quick and easy post.
I just love funny guys with a great sense of humor, are you one of them?, if so please get in touch with me and make me laugh and maybe something more : needy1ady2868 at hotmail
Much funnier than funny guys with no sense of humor.
Would you like to know more about me?, then feel free to contact me at my private email: sxylover1455 at hotmail
But I know so much about you already.
If you are looking for a pu**y that never gets tired of having a cock inside let me know! I just have what you are looking for... Let me know at: horny55641grl at hotmail
You just have a pussy that never gets tired of cock? So, all you are is one giant, autonomous vagina that can somehow type? I bet you're a big hit at the office Christmas parties.
I have a really tight ass that nobody has been inside it... I want a BIG C**K to be the first! If you want to try it out let me know: lovelylvr1915 at hotmail
Let us know how that all works out for you.
I have a 16cm dildo that pleases me a lot but I want to change it at least for a 20 cm c**k... If you have one to please me let me know at: sxygirl4913 at hotmail
What the fuck is this metric shit? Like I want to do conversions.
I'm a man trapped in a woman's body and I need a "bi-curious" person to help me bring out both female and male sides of me, if interested, just send an email to: lstfulbrunette9626 at hotmail
All of those words and yet I know nothing about this person. Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it looking for a man or a woman? Either way, the chances are very high that, whatever it is, it's not looking for me. Fail.
I've been told that I really taste good, would you like to have a taste of me babe?, I'd be glad to give you a sample : nicewmn7068 at hotmail
Here I'd make the obligatory "tastes like chicken" joke, but I've been told that people taste more like pork.
My husband is out of town and I am looking for a guy that pleases me like he can´t... If you have the skills let me know at: horni_lady1148 at hotmail We would have tons of fun!
I could probably please you like he can't. It doesn't sound like it takes all that much effort. Hell, I'm doing it right now.
I want to "do it like they do on the discovery channel", If you know what I mean let me know what you have in mind at: lovely_woman8923 at hotmail
I do think I know what you mean. Get naked and get in the pit, and I'll get the hyenas.
Have you heard that Latinas are the hottest women on earth? I can show you that it´s true if you email me at: lovely_woman8923 at hotmail
Is it because they live so close to the Equator?
How adventurous do you consider yourself? Let´s get together and let´s find out what we could do!. Put \"adventure\" in the subj.: neeedy_lover5977 at hotmail
I know! Let's try to break into a Mafia office, give the don a wedgie, and try to get out alive!
I am a 18 year old girl and just lost my virginity! I have a pu**y so wet that always wants a c**k inside! If you want to have your inside me let me know at: sxylady2129 at hotmail
You didn't so much lose it as it got fed up with you being a whore and walked out.
Do you want to have as much sex as you ever had? Just drop me an email at: hornylover6140 at hotmail You won´t regret it!
I've already had as much sex as I've ever had, because I've already had it.
I'm interested in swapping pictures with you, but not the ones from your birthday party or your friend's wedding, if you know what I mean send them to: luvngrl708 at hotmail
Well I guess you're out of luck then, because those are the only ones where I'm naked.
Ever wonder who your significant other talks to on Yahoo while you aren't home? Are they trustworthy or secretly having some type of online affair? Want to make sure your kids are not talking to someone questionable on Yahoo? If so we have the software solution for you.
You really opened my eyes. Now I want to make sure my kids aren't talking to my questionable significant other!


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