Friday, April 27, 2007

Using Race As A Crutch

I can't wait for someone to come in and accuse me of being a racist just so I can throw it back in their face. I would love to see the look on the person's face when I say, "No you're the racist. If I weren't white, you wouldn't be using the race card against me. You'd be forced to accept what I'm telling you because you wouldn't have the threat of prejudism to fall back on."

One thing I can't stand almost as much as I can't stand actual racists is people who use their race as a crutch to get something they know they're not entitled to. It does a shameful disservice to themselves and their race. It shows that they have little sense of personal merit outside of what they think they can get for being born with something they didn't earn. Instead of actually working for what they acquire, they abuse a system set up to protect them to bully their way out of sheer laziness, and laziness breeds ignorance. Furthermore, it fuels the fires of racism by reinforcing in the minds of the real racists the false notion that minorities are all unworthy, ungrateful defectives milking the system without making a worthwhile contribution.

Don't get me wrong, though. I know racism still happens, and when a person is being discriminated against, it's that person's duty to defend his or her personal civil rights. However, when I'm enforcing company policy or a civil law, I'm doing it without regard to gender, race, or creed, and I don't want to be accused of discrimination when I'm simply upholding rules that have been carefully designed to apply to everybody. If you have a problem with the corporate policy, then you can take it up with the corporate office. I'll admit, our corporate office is borderline retarded when it comes to effecting policy, so no one would love to seem them called on their own bullshit more than me. But you have to take it up with them, not me, because if they view the customer as the bug that gets squashed under their shoe, they view their employees as the excrement that is squished out in the process. If you have a problem with the laws in effect, then you need to take it up with the appropriate legislative entity because I have even less say in writing laws than I do in dictating corporate policy.

There will always be greedy and ignorant people of every race who will use whatever means necessary to get something they already know they don't deserve, including bullying others through the threat of the sensitive and ultimately detrimental accusation of discrimination. Affirmative Action may be very helpful in many cases, but there will always be a good number of people willing to exploit it to attain their own selfish desires, which blemishes the otherwise important and beneficial social program. When faced with these people we can't be afraid to turn it back in their faces and fight back. For the sake of our own dignity, theirs, and that of the demographic they represent.

np: Tea Party - "Emerald"


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