Monday, April 16, 2007

News Note: Virginia Tech

Okay, I want the so-called "experts" to stop skirting the issue and just blame rock music and violent movies for the Virginia Tech massacre. You know they want to, so I want them to just go ahead and do it so I can get around to pointing at them and calling them idiots.

It doesn't matter that they don't even know who did it or what he actually listened to. They blamed Marilyn Manson for the Columbine High School massacre despite the fact that Eric Harris wrote on his website exactly how much he hated Marilyn Manson and why. I figure it'll only be a matter of time before any decent number of fringe bands or movies start receiving the speculative blame for this. I'm sure Grindhouse will get its fair share of admonishment as well. Facts rarely mean anything to the fanatically ignorant.

I may glorify this incident with more views once more misinformation starts vomiting from the mouths of the news media. Until then, I just wanted to say that I called it first.

np: Enigma - "Gravity Of Love"


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