Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Pet Peeves Aren't Quite Housebroken

No matter how easy-going a person seems, there will always be certain things that will set them off like a bottle rocket into a pool of nitroglycerin. Certain little nuances that just bug the living shit out of a person. Being human myself, I can't say I don't have my own particular set of fundamental aggravations.

I can handle a person being late. I can handle a person not calling when they say they're going to. I don't mind shifting routines to deal with contingencies. I don't mind unexpected visits. I don't get too upset over unfortunate news. But nothing will make me want to rip off a head and shit down the neck hole more than someone waiting until the last minute to notify me of something when I could have been notified sooner. Yeah, it's something I have to work on.

I understand that certain things can't be helped. That's why I don't mind shifting routines to deal with contingencies. However, if you know you're sick, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT wait until three minutes into your shift to call me to ask me if I want to work your shift for you.

Your being sick I can handle. It's understandable; it happens. But you don't get puking sick all of a sudden, and even if you do, don't then say that you knew you were sick all day if you wait until the start of your shift to try to get someone to cover for you. And don't break procedure and protocol to phone me. You need to call the manager, who needs to approve the use of overtime, and when she demands at least a four hour window of notice unless you are inpatient-grade sick, negative three minutes is not good enough.

I took an informal poll and the unanimous response was that it's rude at the very least to give someone zero notice to drop their plans for you when you have known about something for hours, if not days, in advance. This goes for more than just being sick. If you want to invite someone to your home for dinner, don't call them an hour prior when the food's already in the oven, and spring it on them. If you need someone to pick you up from the airport, don't phone them when you're waiting ouside the terminal. Chances are either your plans will be thwarted or you will be met with a very angry acquaintance.

I think we should start returning their inconsideration with inconsideration of our own. If someone has the audacity to be that rude, maybe we should firmly say "no" and not feel guilty about it. People are increasingly more irresponsible in proportion to their increasing selfishness. Maybe a few let downs and inconveniences on our own part will teach them the benefits of responsible planning.


Blogger David said...

Your strapline is the greatest bad mivie never made. I'm impressed.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Blozor said...

They're all randomized quotes. I take them from anywhere I can. Hit "refresh" and you get another.

3:34 PM  

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