Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Most Dangerous Terrorist

This article, discovered by LiveJournal user "eh_notsomuch" inspired the following response. I decided that it was strong enough on its own to be used as a post for today since my writer's block is currently only ebbing in random sparks. Yes, I realize I'm just begging to be arrested by saying this, but I'm more concerned for the welfare country as a whole than I am jumping through hoops to please one corrupt individual with more power than brains.

I've been saying long time that the most dangerous terrorist currently living in the United States is George W. Bush himself. What is terror than using people's fear to effect a political change? That is exactly what he does.

You can kill over 3,000 people by crashing two aircraft into two towers. It's a tragedy, and people will band together to find uncharacteristic resolve and help one another. In the direct wake of the tragedy, people connected, people loved each other, and the world community lavished us with its support.

Then Bush taught us that we had to fear people, that the whole world was against us. That we had to be paranoid about our friends, our neighbors, the stranger on the street corner because everyone is out to get us. People destroy what they fear, and we don't even really know what we're supposed to fear. It's a vague concept. A terrorist. It could be anybody, so we have to fear everybody. We're constantly looking to destroy everybody. Bush singlehandedly alienated us from the world community by lashing out and biting the hand that was feeding us with its compassion and support. He manipulated the fears of the public to start a war with an unrelated country to fulfill any number of personal agendas. You can kill 3,000 people by slamming a couple aircraft into a couple of towers. You can kill hundreds of thousands inciting fear just by talking about it.

Bush is the man in the middle of a crowded town square who shouts "bomb" and kills a hundred people in the resulting panic. Only he doesn't have to shout "bomb." He has every single one of us to do it for him.


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