Monday, April 02, 2007

Children Are The New Pets

Awareness has been raised about leaving pets unattended in cars for long periods of time, but it seems now that people believe small children are perfectly fine to leave in extremely hot or extremely cold vehicles for upwards of an hour or longer. Quite frankly, I cannot really comprehend the level of selfishness that borders on pure evil required to forsake any living creature put in your care solely for the sake of the pursuit of your own petty indulgences. It's bad enough leaving a helpless pet to die in a hot car while you engage in your mindless consumerism, but your own child? An actual part of you? The heir to your likely undeserving family name? That's unfathomable.

Really, you shouldn't leave your child or pet locked in a car even if you plan on a two-minute jaunt into the store to take care of something real quick, because how many times have you ever gone into a store, expecting to pick up a pack of gum and pay with exact change, something that should take no more than thirty seconds, and you find out there's some sort of problem and the line is backed up to the other end of the store? Really, you should have the foresight to plan for any contingency and always expect the worst case scenario. Also, if you really feel like a child is too much of a hassle to deal with bringing into a store while you shop for over an hour, it probably indicates that you aren't quite as ready to have a child as you perhaps thought you were. If the child dies or gets taken away by Child Protective Services in the process, maybe that's just God's way of telling you this.

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