Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Window To The Human Mind

I don't think CraigsList is contributing to the downfall of humanity as much as it is simply documenting it.

Look out, ladies — he's edjucated!

Um… Thanks? ::Blush::

If he wanted you to know what the note said, he'd have given you one too. Moron.

The girl with teeth — yeah, thanks for narrowing it down for us, guy.

I'm can't decide whether this person is trying to be incredibly profound or incredibly socially awkward.

Good luck with all that.

Someone has some unresolved issues to work out, especially considering he made up every detail that he specified from the original posting.

Sometimes I think these are complex Communist spy codes and I'm just too stupid to get them. Someone call John Nash.


Yes. They're called "prostitutes."


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