Friday, March 16, 2007

Video Tribute to Richard Jeni

It seems that while I was wallowing in my own disinterest last week, Richard Jeni committed suicide last Saturday. Apparently, he was another clinically depressed famous person. (Having gone through bouts of depression myself, I have an interest in depressed celebrities, particularly the ones who can overcome their depression and create amazing art in their field.)

Richard Jeni was one of my favorite comedians growing up, and then I'd somehow forgotten all about him like, it seems, the rest of the world had, which likely contributed to his depression and ultimately, his suicide. I would have created this post sooner, but there was no front-page spread in the newspaper to alert me of his death. Anna Nicole Smith's death is the top story on CNN for two weeks straight, but when a talented stand-up comic like Richard Jeni dies, I end up finding out about it on the blog of an online comic strip. That sucks, so here is a special tribute video dump containing several clips of his various stand-up routines that I was able to cull from YouTube. Unfortuantely, not much of his classic, older material that I grew up with was available.

PMS & Red Wine: "It's like once a month a woman's body turns into a vicious loan shark."

Martha Stewart: "Come to bed, Richard." "I can't. She's out there." "Who?" "Martha Stewart. She could be loading her Salad Shooter right now..."

Political Extremes: "How many people, they're adults, are afraid of sleeping with their foot hanging off the edge of the bed because of the little guy who comes out and gets it?"

Kevorkian: "I can't say I blame them, you know. I hope I'm never in this situation, but I've had the runs and written a suicide note."

Immigration: "If people are risking their lives in the ocean to come to another country, they must be hoping for an improvement. They're not boating enthusiasts."

Jaws 4: "Leave town? Wouldn't an apartment building be sufficient protection from the average shark?"


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