Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Video Dump #3

It seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for shitting on MacIntosh these days. I don't see why. Microsoft has pretty much been MacIntosh since Windows 95. Yeah, there are certain features of a PC that are better than a Mac, such as the ability to reprogram and upgrade the system, but there are also certain features of a Mac that are better than a PC, such as memory allocation. Yet I see more and more people getting quick to begrudge Macs and defend PCs. I think it's overall public backlash from all the Mac ads that serve no other purpose than to masturbate Mac owners' egos.

Yet another article admonishing Macs for no other reason than their advertisements the more narcissistic members of its user base reminded me of one of my absolute favorite MacIntosh ad spoofs. This was done back during the time of the Switch ad campaign, by a comedian named Hunter Cressall. I decided to see if it was posted on YouTube, because, you know, everything ever committed to film will one day end up there, and lo and behold it was! This calls for a video dump!

The best part is he could just as easily be talking about Windows:

Maybe it's because I'm from Illinois, but I just really love this video. That's right, don't mess with Illinois!

Yes! I've finally found a good use for gangsta rap besides making impressionable kids act like retards:

I really hate the sound of Busta Rhymes' voice:

"It was your idea to build giant, fire-breathing dinosaur robots and then not give them enough brains to tell their head from their ass. What the fuck were you thinking, Wheeljack?"

Just in case anyone's been living under a rock, here are a few of my favorites from the old FenslerFilm GI Joe PSAs that Hasbro demanded he remove from his site:

Here's the same soundtrack applied to I, Robot:


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