Thursday, March 29, 2007

Two Driving Gripes In The Same Week!

From the dawn of parking lot and shopping cart co-existence, people have been leaving shopping carts in nearby parking spaces instead of walking them back to the store or to the nearest cart receptacle. To me, this is the epitome of laziness, especially when the nearest cart receptacle happens to be across the lane or right next to the parking space.

In this situation, to use the term "common decency" is somewhat abstract, considering that the act itself is colossally inconsiderate in the first place. However, normally the people who do this have in the past had the common decency to at least leave the carts in the innermost part of the parking spaces, in the corner, so people could still safely pull their car into the space without damage and remove the cart if they so desired. It's a minor irritation, but nothing I can't accept. Now, though, I'm noticing an increasing trend where people have seemingly decided that moving the cart all the way to the front of the space is simply too much effort for them and are instead just leaving it at the outermost end of the nearest open space.

This is absolutely unacceptable. I don't like to drive around parking lots looking for parking spaces. I down one aisle near the doors and up the next aisle, and if there's not an open space near the front of the store, I just park in the nearest available space. If, however, there is an open space at the front of the store, the last thing I want to find is that it's open because it's blocked off by someone's abandoned shopping cart. If it's a crowded parking lot where I don't think I'll find a better space, I'll stop, get out of my car, and move the cart, get back into my car, and pull into the space, then take the cart to the nearest collection point. If there are more open spaces around, I'll use another one, but I'll still move the cart for someone else to use that space.

Fuck you, lazy shopping cart abandoners. Fuck you hard. I don't know you; I shouldn't have to take responsibility for cleaning up the parking lot after you. Nobody should be responsible for cleaning up the parking lot after you. Children are expected to have more responsibility than you're exhibiting here. You're an adult; grow up and take some responsibility for yourself, you lazy dolt.


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