Thursday, March 08, 2007

Poetry Corner #4: "Devoid"

Some filler for today, another one of my old, really bad song lyrics. This is a song I wrote during a darker period of my life. I believe I modeled it after the Disconnected album by Fates Warning, specifically the song "So." It shares certain elements with that song, like the repetative use of a certain key word to start out each line, but I'd gone my own route with the rhythm.

Devoid of any thoughts or emotions
Devoid of any senseless devotions
Devoid of any heart or will to live
Devoid of any injustices to forgive

Devoid of her
Devoid of me
Devoid of you
Devoid of all I see

I feel my heart devoid of pain
I feel my soul devoid of gain
My eyes, they weep, devoid of tears
My life, I live, devoid of years

I know my soul, a void of tears
Rape my pride, but avoid the tears
Take my heart, it's devoid of use
Devoid of love, a void of abuse

Devoid of me
Devoid of you
Devoid of worth
Devoid of energy
Devoid of use
Devoid of her

The void is where my conscience goes
When my heart runs out of grief
Devoid of all that I could feel
In search of my relief
Devoid is where you'll pay the price
For your misguided deeds

Everyone is telling me how to fill the void before it's too late
But no one is there for me; no one really cares for me
No mindless activities can replace the love I've lost
So should I just wait?
Is it fate?
Should I wait on fate or is it too late?
Fill the void with hate; it's too late for fate
I can't wait for fate to fight against the hate
It's too late for fate…

If I were devoid of any thoughts or emotions
Would you love me then the way I am?
If my soul were devoid of any peace or pride
Could I exist and just be dead inside?
If the world was devoid of me
There would be one less victim for your lack of pride.

Devoid of thoughts
Devoid of pride
Devoid of all that we lock up inside
Devoid of you
Devoid of me
Devoid of all that I can see
Devoid of love
Devoid of her
Devoid of all my worthless love for her

Heart and soul – Devoid!
Peace or pride – Devoid!
Her or me – Devoid!
Me or you – Devoid!
No more to do – Devoid!
Of conscience – Devoid!

Of conscience…


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