Friday, March 02, 2007

Knowing Is Half The Battle

I caught this story on the television, where the reporter made the statement that repair crews showed up in the town one day too late. In my opinion, blaming the power company for a kid getting electrocuted playing with a power line is akin to blaming (the wrong) industrial bands for a high school massacre. I suppose next the community is going to blame God for creating the weather that wrought the storm that downed the power lines that shocked the girl.

Maybe I'll be wrong and the family will be more responsible than this, but I could just see them suing the power company for negligence when they had, pretty much, their entire coverage area to restore. Normally, they have repair crews to fix routine problems and probably less than one major problem a day. In this case, they had upwards of eight cities in two states to cover with the same amount of crews and equipment. I think, if they are planning on taking the power company to court, they should also take God to court, because it would be about as useful and far more amusing.

Of course, I place the blame where I generally place the blame, on the shoulders of the parents, but I do understand that this is a kid, and kids in their infinite wisdom are bound to do incredibly stupid things, but come on! A power line? I remember being a kid and knowing never to go near a downed power line, let alone slinging it over my shoulder and pulling on it as the eyewitness to the incident recalled. You know why I knew that? If for no other reason, we had G.I. Joe.

Yeah, I grew up in the Eighties, on the very fringe of the generation where more parents cared about their children than not, but we had public service announcements in our cartoons to teach us not to go near stray dogs and not to play with downed power lines. So yes, I do feel bad for the girl in recovery. Yes, I am amazed and glad she's alive, and no I don't blame her. Somehow we, as a society, failed her. We're failing our kids. In a world where kids set themselves on fire trying to emulate a retarded TV show about retards and little girls think it's perfectly safe to play with power lines and we blame the power company, somehow we, as a society, are failing our children.


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