Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Need A Tablet

Not much for today. I'm still feeling under the weather so I slept most of the day. I'm not in the best condition to sit down and think at any rate.

I want a Tablet. This is an electronic pen and pad where you can draw straight onto your computer. I think I need this if I am to continue drawing for a number of reasons. One is that my expertise lies primarily in penciling. I know almost nothing about inking as far as what the best tools and techniques are and everything. I know less about coloring. Most of the stuff I do is straight pencil work that is scanned and then darkened and sometimes colored using Photoshop. That's why it tends to look so rough. The only problem is that drawing all this stuff on paper, scanning it, and tweaking it using Photoshop takes time and energy that right now I don't have. It'd be much easier to just be able to draw it straight onto the computer. Another reason is that I think I'm developing arthritis. Drawing stuff out in pencil hurts my hands enough these days that it scares me to think about going back and inking it (basically redrawing it). Also, when I get the perfect pencil sketch down, my utter ineptitude at inking might ruin it.

This is why I need a Tablet. With that, you draw the pencils straight onto the computer, then you switch mediums and ink it straight onto the computer. If you make an inking mistake, you can erase it! If you make a coloring mistake, you can erase it! If you draw someone's head a little too big, you can shrink it! If you draw a panel too big, you can shrink it! I'm sure it will be a lot of work to learn, but it will pay off in much better art in the long run. It sure beats drawing onto the computer using a mouse and mousepad, which as anyone who tries it knows is like trying to draw with a brick, and which leads to some of the most atrocious art that is cluttering up the Internet. ("MSPaint Your Favorite" threads.)

I know it doesn't actually go this fast, but the videos below illustrate why I want a Tablet, because of all the stuff you can do with it. You may find seven minutes of drawing put to music incredibly boring, but I'm salivating because I am a geek and this is my medium:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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