Monday, March 26, 2007

Driving Gripe #34856Q581Y507 (In Case You're Keeping Count)

Have you ever been third or forth in line at a traffic light and watched the vehicles ahead of you? I notice that all of the cars in front of me except the first seem to be watching the traffic lights. When the light governing the intersecting road changes to yellow and then to red, the other cars ahead of me are ready to go. As soon as it turns yellow, the cars in front of me scoot up a little bit. Then when my particular light changes green, we still have to wait upwards of half a minute before the first car in the line notices that the light has changed, gets it together and pulls through the intersection. When you're the first person at the intersection, watch the fucking traffic lights. I would say that when you're at the intersection period, watch the fucking traffic lights, but it seems to be that the only person who isn't is the first at the intersection is the one not paying attention.


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