Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Corruption? In My White House?

After the world waited for months in eager indifference, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was finally found guilty for perjury in a Grand Jury indictment concerning the leaked name of a CIA operative.

Every paper has been running this story prominently on the front page except for my local paper, The Argus, who had apperently decided that the most important story to receive a front page spread was the death of 90-year-old Dorothy Buresh. "Who?" you might ask. Not an embarrassing question at all, really, considering her notoriety was limited to being a former columnist of that very paper. Yeah. I guess that's more important than exposing the corruption that has been the primary motivation of the Bush administration which didn't even make the front page! Not even a blurb! Good luck selling newspapers today, fuckwits.

Contrary to Bush's 2003 promise to find the source of the leak and terminate it, Cheney has already begun excusing Scooter Libby by pointing out his significant contributions to the nation during his career. Well, of course Cheney is going to downplay the impact of the verdict, since he had been implicated as the original source of the leak. My question is that if Scooter Libby was such a vital part of the nation's success, why was he chosen to be Cheney's fall guy for what was so obviously a power play to squelch contradictions to the justification for war in Iraq? Probably because the Bush administration has absolutely no remorse when working to accomplish its own goals.

Republicans — why are even a small percentage of you still supporting these assclowns? A 29% approval rating for the Bush administration is still too absurd to even be contributed to the margin for error. They're not only making a mockery of everything the Republican party once stood for, but of everything pure and holy this side of Satan. Last I checked, it wasn't exactly considered flattering. It's okay. You don't have to feel ashamed to admit that you were duped by a politician whose money to throw at a slick marketing campaign is inversely proportional to the amount of scruples in that campaign, but to still hold onto the notion that you were right, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary just makes you a damn fool. This administration ridicules every belief you hold dear while they use it to manipulate you to your own doom. This should piss you off, not win your approval.

It doesn't irk me that Bush has kept only the very few of his campaign promises that directly adversely affected the good of the nation. Politicians say what they think people want to hear; I'm used to that. Clinton's one sexual indiscretion was used by Bush, whose party made far too big a deal of than was absolutely necessary, as an example of political corruption that he'd promised to eliminate from the government to restore dignity to the Office of the President. Yet Bush's Presidency has been riddled with political corruption the likes of which could make Clinton eligible for sainthood by comparison. Yet even that's not what truly bothers me, because as I've said, political promises are only made to be broken. What bothers me is that Bush continues to destroy the credibility of the Republican party and the dignity of the entire country, and he is indignant to the same accountability that he demanded from the Democrats. That's what really bothers me — not the fact that Bush holds himself above the law, but the fact that we are continually allowing him to get away with it.

I was ecstatic to see a criminal conviction for something directly related to the Bush administration's misconduct, but we can't let it stop there. This court case stopped short of implicating Cheney and possibly Bush himself for criminal misconduct. We need to follow this out. It's not enough for me that the Bush administration's credibility is questioned, because it has been questioned ever since he proposed a war with Iraq. I want to see him held to the same level of accountability that he promised in the summer of 2000. I want to see him held to the same level of accountability that he held Clinton. I want to see him judged under the same scrutiny that he felt appropriate to judge Clinton. I want to see him indicted, and when he does get indicted, and found guilty, I don't want to see Bush get spanked. I want to see him beaten with a tennis racket. I don't want to see him hammered; I want to see him hit with a sledge. I don't want to see him fucked; I want to see his ass raped raw with a plastic replica of John Holmes' legendary cock wrapped in a razorblade spiked condom. Can I make myself any clearer? When the Law throws the Book at him, it had better be the unabridged copy.

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