Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yahoo!Answers Military Questions

As best they know how...

Activate the Bat Signal!


You should stop eating hepatitis for breakfast. It's eroding your brain.

I can sum it up in four words: Sucks to be you.

Wait, what? "Were"? Did something happen? What happened? Good God man — what the fuck have you done?

What about the branch with more weirds?

Trick question! All weapons injure. I see right through your little ruse.

Yes, but there are two stipulations. One is that you have to file on a special tax form, the ID-10T, and the other is that you have to be a complete and total, utter dumbass.

I kinda need some guidance because I have one here, and he's, like, seriously not talking.

Oh... Shit.

This is quite possibly the smartest guy to ever use Yahoo!Answers. You absolutely cannot argue profound logic like that.

Here we find yet one more example of how the most minor alteration of one key word in a sentence with the addition of a single extraneous letter can completely change the mood and meaning of the entire sentence:

America currently has no planes in stock. We apologize for the inconvenience. We'll be sure to alert you as soon as more become available.

np: Jeff Scott Soto - "Shot In The Dark" (Ozzy cover)


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