Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Fistful Of Hopeless

I had a couple of thoughts last night, which led to a few other thoughts since I was on a roll, that were fairly nihilistic and depressing in their sheer hopelessness, but nontheless entertaining, at least to me, so I thought I'd share.

— Gang-banging thugs, murderers, rapists, child molestors, and complete, utter fucktards who recklessly ruin the lives of decent, moral people either willingly or through their irresponsible, ignorant and self-absorbed negligence — those people who most deserve to be shot in the fucking head never are.

— Nobody who actually deserves to win the lottery ever will. It's always either someone who's already rich, on their death bed, or someone who will irresponsibly burn through $250 million and be flat broke in under five years.

— Corollary: If you have enough money that you can actually spare over $100 a week on lottery tickets, chances are very good that you don't need to play the lottery. Let a fucking poor person win once in a while, Greedy.

— The people who least deserve to have a romantic partner will have several while the people who would actually respect their partners go lonely.

— Those with the simplest of wishes and the most honorable of intentions are always the most persectued.

— The main problem with democracy is that the majority of the people will somehow favor the least qualified candidate that, it turns out, no one even likes. We go to the polls, we vote, and somehow the least likely guy to graduate the special education curriculum of high school still gets to be the most powerful man in the world. A majority of people hate him and a majority still voted for him. We can't even vote for someone we don't hate. This is the main problem with democracy.

— Save for people who have to go to work or respond to an emergency, the general rule of thumb is that no one who has any common sense will go out in the middle of a winter storm. So if you work any sort of retail or customer service job, what you will be left to face during a winter storm is every single motherfucker in the city who doesn't have any common sense. Risk my life for one 99 cent bag of Doritos? Yes, please!

— You can't argue with stupidity. All of the logic, reason, and diplomacy in the world can't compare to a tenacious idiot. The fool will simply refute any and all contrary evidence until the other person's will to live has been entirely exhausted. Thus the fool will be vindicated. Still not right, but at least vindicated.

— My biggest problem with humanity is that so many people constantly fail to live up to my expectations.

np: House of Lords - "Remember My Name"


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