Monday, February 26, 2007

Comic Strip Fun, Part 3

Here's the third installment examining a particular popular comic strip in a way the original artist didn't quite conceive, but a way that actually makes it funnier than the actual published version. Previously, I posted examples of randomized strips that formed a coherent story or joke when grouped in a logical order.

This edition is going to feature something different. These strips have been deliberately altered using futuristic, space-age Photoshop polymers to remove the thought balloons of the popular sarcastic feline. Consider that, according to the official canon, the owner cannot hear his cat's thoughts. By removing the comments from the cat, the comic strip transforms into the depressingly humorous story of a lonely man who spends his days talking to his pets with no obvious, established incentive. This is the world as seen by the owner in the comic strip. This is his story. Enjoy.

My avid readers my recall this strip first appearing on the Internet Art Gallery,

BONUS! Here's one more randomized strip, because I can't even look at it without cracking up laughing:

On a completley unrelated note, I now remember why I don't generally drink Mountain Dew: because it tastes like poison.


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