Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yea! A Fork!! In My Eye!!

We sell 750ml bottles of Jägermeister cold, but to keep them cold, naturally, we need to keep them in the beer cooler. This means that when someone wants one, we have to go into the coolers to get it. A stupid question, then, is: "Why do you have to go all the way back there to get it?" My answer: "Because to get it cold, we need to keep it in the cooler."

My God. Were you born this stupid, or did they have to send you to some sort of special school where people beat you over the head with rocks?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, honest to God I didn't plan this. The above was an actual question I got Sunday night. I wrote it down in my trusty notebook, planning on posting it Tuesday because I already had yesterday's post written. I forgot completely about it by now, but it just so happens that the second half of stupid customer questions is the subject of today's Comedy Goldmine over at SomethingAwful, which just randomly coincided again with today's post.

Still, the previous one was bland in comparison to
this week's. Oh my God. You will laugh and simultaneously weep for the future of mankind.


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