Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Torture Of Innocents

What the fuck is wrong with people? In a world where wonderful parents are stricken unable to conceive, people like these breed without conscience or consequence. She can't even properly take care of the two she has — does she think a third one is going to turn the tide?

Of course not, because she doesn't fucking think. Not of anyone besides herself. If you look at these people and think that they are the true face of evil, then you will begin to understand what I'm trying to convey that the source of evil in its purest form is the selfish indifference to others.

This isn't a case of two immature people who don't understand how to raise their children. This is a case of two irresponsible people who don't care to understand how to raise their children. I highly suspect they don't even honestly care about their children or losing their children, save for possibly the extra money that the children bring them. These people do nothing but consume. I see it all the time. They go through life, concerned only with the fulfillment of their own immoral desires, at the expense of anyone who tries to get in their way. Their children aren't even victims of their baseness, more like byproducts. Just like we consume food and produce crap, these people consume lust and produce offspring, often with about as much regard.

This woman is pregnant again. In a
follow-up story, we find that at least the state isn't allowing her to keep the third child. Thank fucking God. They shouldn't stop there; they should remove her uterus. I mean, Christ, you've failed as parents. Stop fucking trying.

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