Sunday, October 15, 2006

FAQ #11: Why Do You Hate Christians?

I don't hate Christians any more than I hate anyone else. In fact, I consider myself to be a Christian, if you use the term loosely enough to apply to someone who accepts Christ as his Savior, but still utters the occasional swear word and entertains the occasional impure thought. Perhaps a better question would be: Why do I target Christians so often?

Okay, so why do you target Christians?

To me, there are two types of Christian in the world. There are the true Christians who are genuinely good people, put their trust in God's divine plan, tolerate those who disagree with their own beliefs, and instead of forcing their ideology on others, they lead by example and let the curious approach when they're ready. Then there are the types who call themselves Christian, but they are in reality abusing their religion either to achieve their own selfish goals or to stroke their own egos in some relatively obvious manner. The latter of these are who I target.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece specifically targeting Focus on the Family's "Plugged-In" website. Along with evangelistic pundits like Pat Robertson, I've long found Focus on the Family to be far more detrimental to the Christian cause than helpful. Like Pat Robertson, Focus on the Family focuses less on the actual teachings of Christ and more on the wrath of God absolution of the Old Testament. They twist the meanings of the Scriptures to fit their own fascist agendas, then try to apply them to real world situations. They take every artistic interpretation at face-value and believe that the only form of media that should be examined by subtext and context is the Bible itself. They live in a world of constant fear dictated by their own self-induced ignorance.

These people are the reason most radio stations won't play an Iron Maiden song, because Iron Maiden wrote one Scriptural song about the Number of the Beast and happen to feature a zombie as their mascot. Yet, these same people consider it a threat to national security to question the purpose of the Christmas Tree or to take the word "god" out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

I could just as easily target the so-called Muslim people who try to claim their faith is peaceful while they simultaneously kill thousands in the streets with car bombs, but I think they do a fine job of showing their hypocrisy by themselves. Of course, just like I said above about Christians, there are two types of Muslims in the world, too. There are those who live peaceful and decent lives and let their actions dictate the good intentions of their faith, and then there are those who use the religion to manipulate the followers they purposefully keep ignorant to meet their own political ends. The false Christian leaders just happen to use words instead of bombs to spread their hate and entice their followers to kill in their god's name. Every time a Christian leader opens his mouth and declares the eradication of the gays, the blacks, the Jews, the "towel-heads," and any number of other social groups that they label as "sinners" in order to eliminate them, their blind followers go out and attack, ostracize, and destroy otherwise innocent members of society who are probably better human beings overall than those leaders who call for their destruction.

I so often target certain Christian groups like Focus on the Family because they believe that, instead of combining faith with enlightenment, the only way to keep their followers is through promoting sheer ignorance. The master speaks, and the flock takes everything at face value without thinking about it, and often the master is twisting the teachings of God in ways that directly benefit his own mortal greed, yet no one questions it because they're told not to. That sort of atrophy of intellect just irritates the shit out of me. I can't stand the people who are just happy to accept without question, with no sort of intellectual curiosity to do their own research, think their own thoughts, and form their own convictions. I can't stand people who take political stances based solely upon party affiliation, and likewise I can't stand people who spout off personal dogma that was forcefed to them by someone else. Whenever you ask these people why they believe something to be true, they always give some reason that boils down to, "That's what they say on the news," or "That's what my preacher/politician/boss/daddy says." It basically means they haven't even taken the time to think about what they believe, and they can't even back up their own bullshit.

I target certain Christian groups or leaders like Focus on the Family or Pat Robertson because they perpetuate this sort of ignorance in what should be an age of enlightenment. They do this to keep control over the weak minded. They tell you that it makes you weaker to have your perceptions challenged, but it truthfully makes you stronger, because it forces you to back up your convictions, and to eliminate those that don't make any sense. There is a war brewing, and our own minds are going to be the battlefield, our humanity will be the stake, and religion will be just one weapon used against us. They've been breeding this for centuries, for millennia. The only way we will truly be free is to learn to think for ourselves, to question authority, and to form convictions that we can honestly claim are truly ours and be able to back those up.

Mostly, I target certain Christian groups because it's fucking fun. I mean, they make it so insanely easy! How could I possibly resist, especially when they take everything at face value except their own holy tome? You can't have it both ways.


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