Saturday, October 08, 2005

FAQ #8: What Is In A Name?

People sometimes wonder about my online identity of Blozor. Here are some facts about the moniker.

1. It has absolutely nothing to do with my real name or identity.
2. I can somewhat discern through various Google searches that I’m one of the few Blozors online.
3. Sometimes I also use Blozor636 on websites if Blozor is already registered, (usually by me, but it’s been so long ago it’s easier to just reregister than try to figure out anything about the former account).
4. The 636 is not a variant of 666 or any part of my address, phone number, or social security number. It’s actually an employee number that I had for a few years at a job I worked several years ago. It was my employee number for so long it just started to feel like a part of my identity so I use it when I have to, especially since it no longer has any relation to me identity.
5. The name Blozor itself came from what I think may have been the bad guy in one of the worst B-movies I have ever seen, called Gore-met Zombie Chef from Hell. This movie was so low-budget it looks like it was shot in only two locations, a beachfront eatery and a city park, using an outdated camcorder. My friends and I rented it to have a horrible movie to make fun of Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. We picked it because the back of the box had on it what looked like druids except jeans were peaking out below the robes, and we knew right then that it had to be the worst movie in the store. All I remember was that, at the end of the credits, we saw a message that read, “All of the events contained in this story were true. If you don’t believe us, ask Blozor!” None of us remembered having heard the name Blozor mentioned in the movie previous to that point, but we all laughed hard, and I decided that Blozor had to be my screen name. Originally, it was a joke, but then it became my online identity.
6. I don’t know whether it’s pronounced “blow-zor” or “blah-zor” because, like I said, we can’t recall ever having heard it pronounced in the movie. I pronounce it “blow-zor” because it flows better.
7. It started out as AskBlozor on AOL, as you can tell from the address to The Civility Webpage 1.0, but too many people shortened it to just “Ask” when Blozor was the actual name. Later on, I dropped the “Ask” part because I figured that people usually just call you by the first part of the user name, and I was right.
8. The accepted shortened form is Bloz, pronounced “blowz,” because some people just shorthand the first syllable of whatever word one uses as a user name.

That’s all of the fast facts I can think of about the name. If you have any more questions, let me know, and I’ll be sure to address them. If I want to.


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