Saturday, August 06, 2005

FAQ #6: Why Do I Hate People?

If many people actually read my Blog, I might frequently be asked, “Why do you hate people so much?”

The truth is that I don’t really hate people. People are highly entertaining. Plus, without other people, I wouldn’t be able to have all of the luxuries that I currently enjoy, like having food readily made for me to purchase and eat when I go to the grocery store or a restaurant. I wouldn’t have all of the cool toys and electronics and stuff I have. I wouldn’t be able to listen to music unless I made it myself, and that could get pretty fucking tedious. Basically, without other people, I would have to do everything myself if I wanted anything, and that would be too time-consuming. So I love people, as a concept. However, in practice, they have a tendency to piss me off a great deal of the time.

Despite all of the good that people do and otherwise intend to do, people also have a tendency to do some pretty evil, inconsiderate, or just plain stupid things to each other too, whether intentional or not. It seems, too, that the more people we try to cram into this world, the worse we become to each other. I don’t believe we’ve hit a critical mass yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t, and it will probably be in the very near future, (the next hundred years or so), that we do, given our current rate of worldwide population growth. Now, the closer we come to the “critical mass” of population density, the more important it will be to determine whether we, as members of any particular society, are going to be nice, helpful, and, most of all, civil to our fellow human beings, or continue to be as hateful, hurtful, and barbaric as we possibly can be.

That is where The Civility Webpage comes in. Named after the aspect of being kind, helpful, respectful, and responsible to each other, it is a collection of my observations about our current state of hostility toward each other and what we might be able to do to be more polite to our fellow human beings. Granted, not everything I write about follows that exact guideline, as it’s also a collection of random, amusing thoughts that I don’t mind sharing with other people anonymously via the Internet, but for the most part I try to keep it relevant to the lives of at least a good percentage of people who might happen across it. Through my constant bitching, cursing, insulting, and berating of people, I’m trying to make those in particular realize what stupid or inconsiderate assholes they’re being to everyone else while trying to be entertaining as I can to as many of those who read my Blog who aren’t being particularly addressed. Every once in a while, I like to slip in a little praise of people who prove themselves smart and considerate, too, to set an example of what we should come to expect from people.

Ever since my early teens, I have resigned myself to being an observer of life and human nature. Thus my weblog is going to reflect that aspect of my nature. I observe and report, and I do it to try to help everyone get along just a little better with each other as the world’s population grows and grows. Is that a pompous attitude to have? I’ll admit that, yes, it is, but I anchor myself in the humility that I know I, too, as a human being, am just as capable of being a belligerent ass to other people as anyone else. Like I said, I write The Civility Webpage in an effort to remind everyone how to be a little more civil toward each other, myself included.


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