Monday, July 11, 2005

FAQ #5: The Internet Art Gallery

Some people ask me about my other Blog, The Internet Art Gallery, citing that I shouldn't steal other peoples' pictures, but come up with some of my own.

I have a problem with publishing my own pictures on the Internet, so instead my picture Blog is a sampling of favorites from the huge collection of other peoples' pictures that I've cultivated from my years on the Internet. I don't claim these pictures as my own, and if I know the source, I cite it. However, some of the pictures are so old or so scattered about that there's no real way to tell what the original source was anymore; that's the reason for the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, (the other page, goofy). I also don't cite a source if the picture came from one of the many random picture sites out there where any random person can upload any random picture they find, because those sources aren't the true sources of the pictures just because they might happen to be the source where I found them.

Someday I may have a Blog or website where I publish my own pictures, drawings, art, and comic strips, but until I get around to registering the characters with a proper, legal copyright, I don't feel safe sharing any of my own, personal art with the rest of the world over the Internet, lest my original characters may be stolen before I have a chance to do anything professionally with them. If Congress or the Supreme Court would ever get around to getting off the fence and picking a side over the whole "intellectual property"issue and whether or not Internet publishing is actually a legal basis for copyright ownership. Even then I'd have to actually pursue the issue in court, and if I can't pay to file a copyright, I definitely can't pay to sue everybody who would want to use any of my works on the Internet. I'm not the fucking MPAA or RIAA, for crying out loud.

Until then, my picture Blog will just be a tribute to some of my favorite pictures on the Internet, usually with some sort of commentary. So, unlike this Blog, enjoy!


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