Monday, January 17, 2005

What I Want To See

I saw this the other day as a banner ad on some website, and I saved the image because it brought up an interesting point about a certain end product of stupidity that kind of irks me. I hate it when people go to search engines like Google or Yahoo! and type their search criteria with the header "I want," or "show me," as in "I want to see porn," or "Show me free music!"

You IDIOTS!! We know that you want to see porn, that's why you're typing it into the search engine in the first place! In fact, even if you don't want to see porn, even if you want to see the potassium citrate content of Diet Pepsi, porn will show up within your top five choices. When you type search criteria that starts with "I want to see..." all you are doing is adding unnecessary words to your search results, or, if, like with Google, the search engine is programmed to ignore stupidity, you're just wasting time and effort with unneeded typing, and ultimately, you're just showing the webmaster of whichever result you choose that you are an unskilled Internet newbie.

Here's how: Whenever you go to a person's personal website from a search engine such as Google, if that webmaster is proficient enough, he can see what search criteria you typed to find his website, along with your ISP address, (which is the four section, numeric code that tells him how to find your computer, and, again, if he's proficient enough, even more information about you, like your name and such). This means that, ultimately, this webmaster could know who you are and that you are clueless to the Internet. Then he could meet you on the street or find out where you work, go to your office, and point and laugh at you. So do yourself a favor and stop typing things like "I want to see," before your search criteria. If analnecrobestiality is your thing, just type that word into Google. You don't need to type "I want to see analnecrobestiality."


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