Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Since U Been Dumb

I noticed that the title of Kelly Clarkson's latest single is "Since U Been Gone." Kelly, you really need to add an "apostrophe-v-e" to the end of that "U" because it's "Since you have been gone." I know that the "in thing" right now is to talk like a complete jackass imbecile, but come on! It's only popular to talk like you flunked out of first grade because people like Kelly Clarkson are telling us it's cool to talk like that. If a bunch of pop artists suddenly decided to organize a language renaissance, and the recording companies agreed to shove it down the collective throat of all of the pop music sheep in this stupid fucking country, that would become the cool thing, too.

"Since U've Been Gone," Kelly, "Since U've Been Gone."


Blogger AGlowingMind said...

As you know, I am the Grammar Queen (the title of Grammar Fuhrer having already been claimed by Paul. It might be masculine, anyway.). However, I'm willing to let this--along with her primarily silly song choices--slide for one simple reason: she's so damn talented. This is the reason Prince is allowed to do whatever he wishes. Not that Kelly can in any way compare to Prince, mind you. But enough of that.

And, uh, you misspelled imbecile.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Blozor said...

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10:00 AM  
Blogger Blozor said...

I mostly wanted to spell "you've" as "U've." If anyone really thinks that there's a lot of depth that lies under these daily posts, it's usually something like that.

Also, from now on "imbecile" will be spelled simply as "i."

10:02 AM  

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