Friday, January 21, 2005

Link Descriptions

Here is a supplimental post describing the links I've placed to the right of the screen and why I chose those sites above all others on the Internet. I see a lot of blogs where people just list any site that they've ever been to, ever, on their links list. I wanted to dedicate my links list to the best in my collection; some of the best websites I've found anywhere on the Internet. If I add any more links, I'll add a description here, and I'll have this post permanently linked to the "Other Great Sites" heading. - With this and Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary and Thesaurus so easy to access online these days, you really have no excuse to look like an ignorant retard with atrocious spelling and grammar when you start calling some random stranger an idiot on your favorite message board.

Maddox - Probably the most badass guy to ever have an opinion on anything. Love it or hate it, whatever you do, don't write into him, because he will tear you a brand new hole in the most uncomfortable verbal way.

Captain Picard's Journal - All of the lost episodes, deleted scenes, and outtakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation as told by Captain Picard, in Blog format. Funny stuff from a creative fan. Updates regularly.

Something Awful's Photoshop Phridays - Every Friday, Something Awful puts together the best of the photoshops their message board members put together, usually with a theme. Some sick, twisted, and funny shit here.

Jay Leno's Headlines - An archive of the Headlines Jay Leno makes fun of on The Tonight Show. Usually updates every Thursday.

Ministry of Unknown Science - Forget SNL. Forget MAD TV. Forget Comedy Central. This is the funniest sketch comedy troup I've come across in a long time. Usually updates each Monday, but they've been slow lately in preparation for this year's live show. My favorites are "Falipornia Speak Institute" and "Ball Sac Spray."

Perry Bible Fellowship - Contrary to what you might think from the title, this web comic strip has nothing to do with the Bible. In fact, it's probably the antithesis of the Bible. This guy has one of the most warped, sick, twisted, and incredibly funny senses of humor I've come across in the world of Internet-based comic strips. Usually updates every Sunday, but here lately, it's been more like Tuesday.span>

A Softer World - Remember that Saturday Night Live blurb a while back, "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy"? This is pretty much Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts put into comic strip form, using actual photographs to fill in the art. I'll admit it: Every once in a while it's just right over my head. Updates every Friday.

Alien Loves Predator - A comic strip featuring a toy Alien and a toy Predator that hang out in New York and act stupid together. The funny thing is, although they're an actual Alien and Predator in the comic, no one is threatened or concerned about it. Updates every Monday.

Least I Could Do - A comic strip about a narcissistic sex addict who lives primarily in his own imagination. Updates every day but Sunday.

Chopping Block - The funniest comic I've seen, about a neurotic serial killer, anyway. Updates whenever the artist feels like it.

Minimum Security - We all know there's a lot wrong with our government. This comic strip exposes it in a poignantly witty manner. Updates as often as the artist can.

HardRadio's HardNews - Any news blurb that happens anywhere in the world of heavy metal and hard rock music. No band is too inconsequential, and no blurb is too small to be printed. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.

The Omega - The End Records' mail order catalog. Usually heavy metal, hard rock, and progressive music. The prices are usually at least several dollars under Amazon-dot-com's sale prices, and this site doesn't charge shipping fees inside the continental United States.

Seibertron - THE ultimate, consummate Transformers reference website. Up-to-the-second news updates, a huge image collection, and more.

Snopes - Tired of getting dubious chain e-mails from Internet noobs? Hear a story from your buddy at work that just sounds too bizarre to be true? Check out the stories on this Urban Legends Reference Website and e-mail your buddy the page proving them wrong.

The Straight Dope - Ever wonder why pigeons bob their heads? Ever wonder where the term "okay" came from? Ever wonder what "olly olly oxen free" actually means, or is even spelled? All of these little, irritating unknown questions about life gets thoroughly researched by this newspaper columnist and this site archives the answers he comes up with.

The Shadowlands - One of the best supernatural, paranormal, and hauntings sites I've found online. The guy who runs it is a ghost researcher himself, and his personal story is creepy as hell. Some excellent ghost stories, video, audio, photos, and tips for the amateur ghost hunter from a professional.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Archive - Ever get that feeling that maybe there's more going on behind the scenes in the governments of the world? Ever worry that world events are starting to come together, and starting to slowly play out some endtime prophecy? Ever wonder if you really can trust the world leaders? Go here and read some stuff to decide if your suspicions have any ground. This database is cool because they tend to be more objective in their reports and don't try to force their own religious agenda on the readers like a lot of Illuminati reference sites will.


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