Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Few Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts to start the day off.

It had been quite a while since I popped anything from them off the shelf, and I'd plumb forgotten how much
The Gathering fucking rules.

Remember a while back when I wrote about how much
exercise sucks? (Read the post linked therein if you have forgotten what all I said or are a new reader.) The other day, I did some physical activity purported to be fun and healthy, (not quite "exercise," and not quite a "sport," more like some friendly rough-housing), and I did something really fucked up to my foot. I don't know of I sprained it, popped a joint, or pulled a muscle, but it fucking hurts right along the plantar fascia, toward the tarsus area of the inner foot. Every step I take is met with pain, I'm trying to fight against doing it, but the only way it doesn't hurt is if I walk along the outside of the foot, and it's almost impossible to go down stairs. You know what the funniest part is? I wouldn't have sustained this injury sitting in front of the fucking computer eating vanilla wafers. Physical activity, I spit on thee.

Last Friday, I got that flu mist vaccination. Last night, I found out that the flu "mist," which is actually more like a yellowish, watery substance that they pour into both of your nostrils, is actually a "live" flu virus strain, as opposed to the flu shot, which is a dead strain. Basically, it's liquified flu snot. Anyway, the medical profession says that people will experience any number of flu-like symptoms from this shot, (because they've essentially just given you the flu), but it's been one day to a week since I've gotten "misted," and I haven't experienced any flu-like symptoms. The point of this story: My immune system KICKS ASS!!

I feel sorry for people who still have 56K dial-up modems. I mean, websites like, an outstanding song lyrics resource, get bogged down with so many banner ads, flash ads, and javascripts, to try to make the website more appealing and more money, that each page takes several minutes to load with broadband Internet. They'd probably take days with dial-up. Overly gaudy websites are just unnecessary. Give me simplicity on the Internet any day of the year over websites loaded with features that most people really don't give two shits about.


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